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SEVERAL days ago, the nation was shocked by the seizure of Petronas assets in Azerbaijan by the self-proclaimed Sulu heirs.

They won a judgement from the French court in the matter.

A few days later, Petronas issued a statement that the assets claimed by the Sulu heirs had been sold earlier to another party.

If I was the new owner of those assets in question, I would be unhappy. We will leave that for now as we are still in the dark as to what transpired.

In the meantime, the opposition has called for the Sulu claim to be discussed in parliament.

It was vehemently put forward by Warisan MPs and rightfully so.

YB Munirah has closed ranks with fellow opposition members; sadly, she was penalised by Parliament for her outspokenness.

The Speaker said he will not allow further discussion on the issues and relegated our MPs behaviour to setting bad examples.

A few days later, YB Shafie Apdal tried to pass a motion in Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) to seek Federal clarification on the long-standing Sulu claim.

The speaker conveniently stated that to bring it to Federal - as it is their jurisdiction (Federal list) - he had to receive the motion in writing.




Later, he rejected it due to a technicality: a motion needs to be received after 24 hours of incubation.

Parliament can push aside the MPs requests to discuss and debate the matter, but if an official declaration from DUN is put forward, Parliament has no choice but to open it for debate.

The Sulu claim involves the sovereignty of the nation and duties of the Federal Government as stipulated in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

Discussion of security including matters relating to armed forces and foreign affairs is well-documented in the Intergovernmental Report that has been agreed to and signed by all parties. 

The Federation of Malaya, Indonesian and the Philippines - not including the Borneo States - have signed the Manila Accord, and one of Macapagal claims is the return of Sabah to the Philippines through negotiations with the British.

We are flooded with information by researchers, academicians, and activists on the legality of such a claim.

Apparently, the claimants are the surviving family members who invaded Tanduo back in 2013.

Their claim to the Sulu Sultanate begs several questions.

Is there any standing on their birthright and are they recognized by the Philippine government?

Can the claim be recognized as the defunct Sultanate had willingly annexed their lands to the Americans during the Spanish American War under the Bates Treaty?

After World War 2 ended, North Borneo under the North Borneo Chartered Company came under the British Protectorate and finally it was annexed to the crown under the Cession order 1946, effectively making North Borneo a Crown Colony.

So, any international arbitration or dispute should be made in the British Court.

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