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apple developer account for sale :New research finds the code to ‘reprogram’ cancer cells


Mayo Clinic Department of Cancer Biology Professor Panos Anastasiadis. Tweet Facebook Mail The key to beating cancer may lie in reprogramming its cells, according to research in Florida.Senior researcher Panos Anastasiadis from the Mayo Clinic said the study combined two previously unrelated fields of cell-to-cell adhesion and microRNA biology.The research identified two key components within the adhesive molecules that allow cells to combine to form tissue.One component drives tumour progression and growth and the other acts as a brake.“We have looked at human tumour cells and found that the brake is missing in vast majority of these cancers,” Dr Anastasiadis said.He said microRNA molecules within the adhesive structure could be reprogrammed to behave as normal.“We can take very aggressive tumour cells that are growing and migrating, replenish them with the microRNAs that are deregulated and that effectively turns them into normal cells.”RelatedRush to publish COVID-19 research saw errors in top medical journals triple, study findsNew health alert in South Australia after positive COVID-19 case breached quarantineTwo new coronavirus cases reported in South AustraliaThe study will be published in the Nature Cell Biology journal.

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