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apple developer account:Kula, Su take another stab at cousins for Perak DAP leadership


Perak DAP will hold its leadership elections this Sunday (March 14) which will see a rematch between incumbent leader Nga Kor Ming's team and a group led by DAP vice-chairperson M Kulasegaran.In 2010, Kulasegaran and running-mate Thomas Su Keong Siong were trounced when they challenged Nga's mentor and cousin Ngeh Koo Ham's team for leadership of the party's state wing.This time, the challengers have publicly announced their candidacy with a team comprising several staunch critics of the Nga-Ngeh cousin duo.This election, held once every three years, is for 15 Perak DAP committee seats. There are only 30 candidates, split evenly across the two teams.They will be elected by 2,135 delegates from 309 branches.Nga, 48, is among several middle-aged DAP figures expected to make a serious run for the party's national leadership election which will be held in June.He is currently party deputy secretary-general. He was elected Perak DAP chairperson in 2013, taking over from Ngeh who held the position for 15 years.Thus, his first hurdle will be avoiding an unconvincing win which would be read as an upset by critics and sour his chances at the national level.DAP vice-president M Kulasegaran and Kampar MP Su Keong Siong announcing their team for the Perak DAP state committee election 2021 last Friday.Nga and Ngeh have been stoic when faced with criticism by challengers of late."Actions speak louder than words," was Nga's brief reply to Malaysiakini's request for comments. He also shared a statement on Facebook listing 10 achievements by Perak DAP in recent years, which, among others, cited "overthrowing the Bersatu menteri besar who betrayed Pakatan Harapan".rr同心同德、齐心协力!,

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