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apple developer account for sale :All PN parties must set aside personal interests, says Azmin


Perikatan Nasional (PN) component parties and its allies need to set aside personal differences and stay together, said the coalition's information chief Azmin Ali.The senior minister is of the view that this is the best time for all its partners to strengthen unity. "We do not want the strength that we have built to be torn down by any party with certain interests or agendas.“So as I am responsible for organising unity, I do not want to be an agent of division," said Azmin whose defection as PKR deputy president was a primary catalyst for the collapse of the previous Pakatan Harapan federal administration."I want all parties to put aside personal interests, sit down, and discuss," he said at a press conference in conjunction with the first anniversary of his service at the International Trade and Industry Ministry, in Kuala Lumpur, today.Azmin was commenting on Umno telling PAS that it should not help Bersatu in the coming 15th general election (GE15).Yesterday, Umno election director Tajuddin Abdul Rahman gave a stern warning to PN allies, especially PAS, not to help Bersatu in constituencies contested by Umno in GE15.Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul RahmanAccording to the Pasir Salak MP, although Umno respects PAS' decision to remain with Bersatu, his party also hopes that PAS will continue to support Umno, and he even told PAS to "watch out".Commenting further, Azmin said the people today were tired of the games and political fights of the country's leaders."The people are tired of this constant fighting. It doesn't help and of course, as one of the leaders in my government, I want to advocate for unity."There are different views, different approaches, just as we have fingers that are not the same length. Some are short, some are small, and some are big“But when used together, you can hold, you can eat food with one hand. But if you use just one finger, how can you eat?" said the three-term Gombak MP, speaking in allegories.Azmin expressed confidence that differences of opinion can be resolved through talks.“Of course there are different views but with deliberation and discussion, I believe there must be a way to see a bigger framework to uplift the dignity of the people.“The people on the ground definitely want a strong government."They want to see all parties inside the government or outside the government work together" he added.Earlier, Umno confirmed it had sent a letter to Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to inform him of the party's supreme council's decision to end cooperation with Bersatu and PN by GE15.Following that, Bersatu held a meeting of its highest leadership council but it did not make a clear decision on the party's relationship with Umno.Despite the increasingly strained relationship between the two parties, PAS has placed itself alongside both, through Muafakat Nasional with Umno and PN with Bersatu.Terengganu Bersatu's challenge to Umno a state matterAzmin added that Terengganu Bersatu chief Razali Idris' statement, that he would negotiate seat allocations with the state PAS chapter and discuss how the party would challenge Umno, was a state issue.Terengganu Bersatu chief Razali Idris"That is the view of the state, maybe the view of the division, and we have to respect it."However, he said, at the central level, Bersatu's stand was to continue to strengthen cooperation among the PN allies.“We will continue to strengthen cooperation in PN and we are ready to cooperate with any party that accepts the policy of struggle and idealism of its principles," he added.Razali was quoted as saying that Bersatu was ready to field candidates in all the seats that Umno would contest in Terengganu.This was after Terengganu Umno reportedly said it wanted to contest in all 32 state seats and eight parliamentary seats in GE15.Last February, Terengganu Umno liaison chairperson Ahmad Said was reported to have said the party would not give a chance to Bersatu or PAS, but would contest in all Parliament and state seats in the next polls.The former Terengganu menteri besar, stressed that there was no cooperation in Muafakat with PAS in the state.Ex-Terengganu menteri besar Ahmad SaidAccording to Ahmad, the only seat occupied by Bersatu in the state, the Hulu Terengganu parliamentary seat, belonged to Umno before Rosol Wahid deserted the party to join Bersatu.Meanwhile, Azmin claimed that PN parties have the principle of mutual respect."We listen to each other's views. We are based on the principles of good governance, we defend the principles of the judiciary. We will fight corruption all the way.“These are the principles that must be accepted by PN members," he said.

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