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buy apple account:Edu Minister: Critics never had to deal with a pandemic


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Senior Minister (Education) Mohd Radzi Jidin has taken a swipe at critics of the ministry's decisions made in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, pointing out that their "advice" was never based on any real experience.

"At the time there were many who said the minister was flip-flopping. But talk is cheap, suggesting this and that should have been done.

"The fact is that those who are talking have never handled the Covid-19 crisis," said Radzi during his speech today at the launch of a "Thank You Teachers" movement in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

"They could only share their views, but no one at the time had gone through the experience.

"During those times, we at the ministry were in constant discussions to find the best approach for all parties," he said.

Despite criticisms, Radzi insisted the Education Ministry has adopted the best approach in making decisions based on all aspects of its discussions, including during the first phase of school closures last year.

"Whatever decisions are taken, we based it on information available there and then. For example, when people asked will schools be opened? For that day I said 'Yes' it will.

"Until the schools are opened, we will not know because anything could happen," said Radzi.

"This was what happened when we previously announced that schools would reopen on Jan 20.

"But a final decision had to be made to postpone face-to-face learning sessions, given the record high numbers of up to 4,000 daily Covid-19 infections," he said.

The Education Ministry was faced with criticisms of flip-flopping policies on closure and reopening of schools, affecting both students and parents, particularly from low-income families who made sacrifices to ensure participation in online learning activities.

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